ECG is Coming to Canada

Image Source: Apple

Earlier this month, Health Canada approved the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications on the Apple Watch Series 4. Today, Apple told The Canadian Press that it will bring ECG functionality to Canada "as quickly as possible."

The ECG app allows users to check whether their heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation or sinus rhythm. Irregular heart rhythm notifications let a user know if an unusual heart rhythm is detected, allowing a user to seek medical treatment on time.

So far, the ECG app has been expanded to 24 European countries and Hong Kong since it debuted in the United States in December.

It's not clear when the ECG app and irregular heart rate notifications will be available in Canada. It could be added in the upcoming watchOS 5.3 update (currently in beta) or as part of watchOS 6 when it launches later this year.