iOS 13 Concept Gives Best Look at Upcoming New Features

Álvaro Pabesio

Today, graphic designer Álvaro Pabesio has shared his iOS 13 concept on Behance that gives us our best look yet at the upcoming new features. Here are some key highlights:

Dark Mode

Perhaps the most anticipated feature this year is Dark Mode. In addition to its visual appeal, it should make content easier on the eyes at night.


Building a more seamless experience between Apple devices will now be more important than ever. With rumors that the iPad will act as a second Mac screen, Pabesio's visualization gives us our best look yet at how this could work.


iOS 13 is expected to feature a revamped Reminders app with four new default sections. This is what that could look like:


A beautiful reimagining of what a revamped Mail app could look like. Simple and organized. Rumors suggest the new Mail app could feature the ability to mute individual threads, block incoming email from certain contacts, and simpler folder management.


Pabesio's revamped Messages app has a fun new look with the ability to create a profile and a cleaner design.

Volume HUD

The iOS volume HUD is in deep need of a redesign, one that is less obstructive and informative.

You can see more of this beautiful concept on Behance.